Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Virtual machine backup should be a no-brainer

Data is exploding in todays digital environment, and this information is critical for your business. Don’t let backup storage costs get out of control. Combine your favorite virtual machine backup software with Object Storage and preserve your data in a secure, offsite environment without a major investment.

Backup your VM with Cynny Space Cloud Object Storage

Integrate seamlessly third party backup and replication software with Cynny Space’s innovative object storage technology

Scalability that is unrivaled. Manage and meet data protection requirements cost-effectively. Pay-as-you-go and upgrade your storage as you need it, when you need it

Secure your backup thanks to end-to-end encryption, dual token authorization and HTTPS connection

Veeam and Cynny Space

Cynny Space object storage is offered as a combined solution a third party backup system – simplify backup of virtual machines whilst reducing storage costs and complexity.
Utilize the 3-2-1 security rule with Cynny Space and Veeam backup to maximize your data safety while reducing backup costs.

The Cynny Space and Veeam backup solution delivers a proven NFS gateway from Veam to Cynny Space Object Storage – allowing Cynny Space to operate as a target within your storage environment.