The SwARM – An Unfair Advantage
Discover the 4 key Pillars

Rock-Solid in its DNA

  • No single point of failure design
  • Distributed architecture built on hundreds of nodes orchestrated by AI based File system to cope with HW Failures.
  • File System designed with a Swarm Intelligence with a Zero-Touch, self-healing and self-organizing technique
  • Intelligence is equally distributed on the entire file system.

Durability by Design

  • Data Chunks replicated into 14 different locations
  • Data consistency is verified at chunk level, making durability standards higher
  • Remove unrecoverable read errors and reduce HD failure probability during rebuilt typical of RAIDs. Learn more
  • Faster data rebuild in case of hardware failure.
  • Geo-Redundancy Option available for High Availability & Disaster Recovery

>99,999999999% data durability

No single point of failure

Higher reliability vs. RAID 6

Security without compromises

  • Safe data transfer via HTTPS protocol.
  • End-to-end encryption:
    • Data transferred encrypted (AES-256 algorithm) from original device.
    • Protection against data sniffing during transfer.
  • Data organization
    • Data stored in chunks spread on multiple servers.
    • Impossible to rebuild files starting from chunks.
  • GDPR Compliant: 100% EU based company and data centres. Learn more >

Crypto-lockers Embedded Security

  • Immune to crypto-locker ransomwares through the usage of RESTful APIs
  • Namespace cannot be used to execute a file, removing risk of changes being made to specific object
  • Object isolated from the application/client
    • Impossible to index namespace and encrypt the objects
  • Object ACL’s, limit access to make sure external server or client cannot reach the namespace

Key Technical Facts

Durability standards
Data durability >99,999999999%
Data consistency check At chunk level
Hardware setup No single point of failure
Security protocols
Transfer protocol HTTPS
Authentication Dual token log in
Encryption End-to-end encryption
Encryption algorithm AES-256 at chunk level
Access control ACL at object level