Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Solve Datacenter challenges with Network Intelligence and The SwARM

Datacentre traffic is rapidly growing, and its global IP traffic is expected to touch 19.5 ZB (zettabytes) per year by 2021. Big Data will reach 403 EB (exabytes) by 2021. Furthermore, globally, the average total cost to a company of a data breach is $3.86 million.
It is clear the importance to have Network Intelligence solutions providing analytics on services usage and bandwidth as well as high performance and scalable Storage Solution which becomes one of the key enablers to support this growth in a cost effective way.

The results of the combined approach

With the combination of The SwARM and Network Intelligence solution it is possible to:

  • Optimize bandwidth usage based on services usage and Quality of Experience
  • Perform troubleshooting in case of performance issues as well as cyber security attacks in real-time
  • Deliver Business insights to shape product definitions and services offer based on customers segmentations
  • Sustainable costs of The SwARM storage makes also possible to store data also to enable trend analysis and predictions for accurate IT infrastructure planning and marketing purposes

Network Intelligence Advantages and Benefits

Advantage Benefits
Visibility on volumes and bandwidth by service Plan infrastructure dimension properly
Bandwith allocation by user Make sure you top customers get the most
Quality of Service by account Reduce risks of churns for your VIP customers



Advantage Benefits
Real-Time alerting for cyber-attacks Prevents data breach violation reducing associtated costs
Resilience to Cryptlockers Protect Customer Data reducing associated damages
Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis Reduce time to repair and detect cause to prevent recurring issues
Advantage Benefits
Unlimited Storage scalability and Linear Performance Future Proof Investments removing risks of forklift. No penalties due to data growth with same cost/TB
11x9 Durability Data Availability and security guarateed to the highest level
Next Generation Zero-Touch tecnology Best TCO reducing upfront investments & operational costs

Scalable Storage