Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Cynny Space object storage is well suited to the media data workflows. Conventional storage systems weren’t designed with the scalability or flexibility necessary to accommodate the quantities of unstructured media data produced today.
Object storage is fundamental to multimedia data storage growth. The business value that can be derived from analyzing multimedia data is immense and requires a storage solution that supports safe long term retention of data, but quick retrieval when that data is needed.

Multimedia data is three things:

Media data is high volume. This is measured in petabytes or zettabytes. To put things in perspective, YouTube processes 24PB each day.

Multimedia data streams in quickly and requires fast access and equally fast analysis to produce real time results.

Multimedia data comes in various formats. Unstructured data such as video files are often saved in multiple formats.

Surveillance video cameras’ resolutions are increasing constantly and the total amount of data they create is increasing too.

Cynny Space Object Storage is a cost-effective solution for multimedia data that allows for real-time access as well as greater capacity and scalability than traditional storage providers.

Information embedded in visual multimedia data often still requires analysis to be fully exploited. Due to the high cost of traditional storage solutions, a large amount of video data is not archived. For example, the data from certain traffic cameras is not always recorded. If video data is archived, this information in not always easy to access.

Analyzing large quantities of video data requires significant amounts of computing resources. Object storage is fundamental to data storage growth. Video surveillance analytics requires a storage system that can keep up with explosive data growth and remain cost-effective.

A storage solution that can easily be integrated with analytics software to collect, store and analyze video data quickly.

The benefits of the Cynny Space Solution for Multimedia use cases:

Consolidate massive amounts of information thanks to unlimited scalability. Grow in capacity and performance at the same speed as data is created.

Flexibility to store files of different size’s and volumes without compromise to the quality of the files or speed of access.

Data can be accessed at any time without lag and sharing is easy with ACLs at Object level

Analyze data from many cameras simultaneously thanks to Cloud-native object storage protocols like the S3 application programming interface (API)

Data is available on premise for analysis. Process millions of images from thousands of cameras within several hours.

Simple and straightforward access. Store, distribute and manage all your data with ease.