Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Cynny Space integrated bundle transforms your logfile data storage

Many companies have successfully implemented logfile analytics in various functions and many are still figuring out the best way to incorporate this practice.

Log files contain huge amounts of rapidly changing data and log analysis tools provide analytics components to identify the cause and impact of events. Logfiles can be archived and analyzed to allow a company to gain important business insights and better understand performance indicators changes.

Don’t let your business fall behind

Log files, sensors, cars, watches and many other automated systems produce massive amounts of data that is constantly growing, this data needs to be saved and examined in order to create value and enable businesses to make decisions, compete, and innovate.

Operating system logfiles are a treasure-trove of critical information about an organization's infrastructure. The more efficiently a company uses its data, the more potential it has to grow.

Cynny Space Object Storage makes the perfect destination for your log file archiving needs. Offering seamless analytical tool integration to generate important insights from your logfiles that were previously concealed, and optimize business processes.

Cynny Space’s integrated solution with Elasticsearch

Log data contains a wealth of essential business information. This data requires analytic intelligence that can see the larger picture to help you find the information you need.

Real-time analytics provides the results of customer habits and digital activity.

This data is extremely important for businesses conducting dynamic analysis and reporting in order to quickly respond to trends in user behavior.

The Cynny Space amd Elasticsearch integrated solution stores and reorganizes and rebalances data routinely to safeguard data and make sure it is accessible.

By embracing cloud storage as part of your IoT strategy, you can handle emerging logfile analyzing trends

Turnkey integrated storage for analytics tools

Cynny Space’s scalable solution combined with a third party analytics tool provides high-performance access for analytics processing, and long-term retention to optimize the management of your crucial company data.

The flat structure of object storage holds unlimited number of files and combined with an analytics service, data can be stored for long term retention and easily analyzed granularly at a later date. ARM® based microservers connects directly and natively to analyzing tools such as Elasticsearch using lightweight HTTP protocol and S3 compatibility.

Cynny Space’s innovative technology scales in storage and computing power to contain an infinite number of objects, and is ideal for logfile archiving. The technology overcomes the challenges of data safety; SwARM cutting-edge technology writes data over many nodes, all independent and with self-healing mechanism, therefore delivering a state-of-the-art data durability level.

Logfiles are useful for tracing behavior, but to understand trends and anomalies, it is fundamental to have the analysis tools integrated with a storage system for deepdive analysis. The Cynny Space/Elasticsearch turnkey-integration collects real-time log data, automates backups, and archives your companies historical data safely and securely for further analysis.