The SwARM – An Unfair Advantage
Discover the 4 key Pillars

There’s no limit to what you can store

Performance that scales

Linear scalability simply adding Nodes processing thousands of concurrent requests in parallel

Delivering at full throughput capabilities

See under the hood

Hassle Free Scalability

Add nodes to increase capacity without need of manual intervention.

Zero-Touch File System takes cares of automatic balancing

Discover all the benefits

No limitation by design

Based on Object Storage technology which scales limitless toward Exabytes and beyond

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The bigger the better

The SwARM grows linearly in terms of capacity, performance and costs

  • Capacity which scales to Exabyte+ by simply adding new nodes
  • Linear increase in performance and throughput with introduction of new nodes
  • Predictable Pricing: pay always the same value of the first GB

Stronger care for the Environment

  • Green and sustainable object storage solution: we care about our children
  • Unprecedented power consumption and energy efficiency levels
  • Reduce by up to 66% energy consumption saving 75kg CO2/TB on yearly basis

Stronger Integration Capabilities