The SwARM – An Unfair Advantage
Discover the 4 key Pillars

Experience the performance of the SwARM

  • Structure based on hundreds+ of micro-servers fully independent
  • Zero-Bottleneck architecture - Peer to Peer structure with direct access to each unit
  • One to one pairing between micro-servers and storage units
  • SwARM File System distributed on each device operating independently.
  • PDDA - Parallel Direct Data Access techniques: no controllers in charge of data retrieval

Four Reasons For Faster Storage

Faster Data Retrieval & Storage

1. Parallel Direct Data Access

  • Thousands Data Access requests processed in parallel
  • Robust against network latency
  • Multiple caches in parallel reducing Time to First Byte (TTFB)

2. Simultaneous Access

  • True-parallel connections through HTTPs RESTful APIs
  • One simple configuration – Thousands concurrent accesses
  • No Latency data access

Faster Multi Accessibility

Faster to get started and use

3. Plug & Play

  • Easy to deploy into your data centre
  • Seamless integration with S3 Native support and connectors’ eco-system
  • Ready to go No cumbersome configuration
  • Zero Training needed for your IT staff

4. Artificial Intelligence in the Driving Seat

  • Smart File System Distributed on all nodes with self-healing and orchestration capabilities
  • Automatic detection of possible failures and data migration
  • Chunks replication over hundreds+ of nodes (instead of few units of other solution) reducing stress on HD during data reconstruction

Faster Data Replication