Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Fast-track your cloud-native application development

Any application needs to grow as users increase in numbers and interaction. Architects require a high level of flexibility, easy access from multiple locations and no budget surprises.

With Cynny Space, you can connect to your data seamlessly from anywhere in the world, with the peace of mind that this data is fully protected and encrypted, highly durable and easily accessible with HTTPS and S3 compatibility.

Transparent Pricing
No hidden costs for data transfers or requests and end-to-end encryption for maxiumum security and data protection.

Full Scalability
Scale along with your storage needs accessing data in real-time and from multiple points.

Seeamless Integration
Easy to integrate with no vendor lock-in. Connect from anywhere without the aggravation or reduced performance of a VPN.

Applications that are integrated with Cynny Space storage simplify the connection to the cloud from any device or app.

Developer enabled data storage for cloud applications. Data is easily accessible direclty connected to your software. Transparent pricing makes budgeting easy as all cost grows linearly with the storage used.
Cloud applications can adopt agile business models, offer cost-effective services, and share information across different areas easily.
HTTPS access via RESTful S3 compatible APIS .Full integration in the application thanks to S3 available SDKs in most programming languages.

Cloud Storage vertical integration in Healthcare

Hospital and medical practices using electronic medical records once worked mainly on a client-server model. The internet has completely transformed the way health operators are moving towards an integrated storage model instead of a server-based option.

A recent use case example is from Cynny Spaces clients in the medical industry. The client, a healthcare software provider - integrated the Cynny Space storage platfrom to their current service. The result is an integrated medical record with details like digital pathologies, x-rays, genomes etc. Medical data gathered by the healthcare industry is usually complex, massive and difficult to store. Cynny Space object storage is capable of handling this voluminous data whilst reducing overall expenditures. The limited hardware requirements and significantly lower up-front costs would be attractive benefits for this type of provider.