The SwARM – An Unfair Advantage
Discover the 4 key Pillars

How we achieve The Best TCO in the Market

Smarter to Build

Complete ARM microservers optimized for Data Storage

No over-engineered = Less Costs, Failures, Energy

1 to 1 HDD-microservers coupling

peer to peer

Smarter to Operate

Zero-Touch Technology based on AI

Self-Healing & Orchestrating

Free up IT resources

66% Better Energy Efficiency

Save energy and reduce cooling requirements

Saves 75 kg CO2/TB per year

Look at the full picture...

Are you really considering everything in choosing the storage for your business?

The real cost comes from operating the solution over several years

…and compare the results

Total Cost of Ownership - Storage On Premise

Operational Savings

Energy savings:
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced cooling needs
  • CO2 emission reduction by 75kg per TB/year
Savings on management:
  • Self-healing technology
  • No maintenance frees resources for more added value activities
  • No human intervention for expansions or configurations

Multiple Offers, One Common Point: Transparent Pricing

Simple transparent pricing

  • Data transfers (upload and download) included in the price
  • All requests (GET, PUT, LIST, DELETE) included in the price
  • All redundancies included, pay only for the net space
  • One price for any quantity of data stored

All Inclusive

  • Maintenance & Proactive monitoring – Included
  • Support service with progressive SW updates – Included
  • Access tools licenses (S3 APIs, SMB/NFS, SDK) - Included
  • Plug & Play

Flexible and predictable

  • Three simple plans to choose between: Starter/Medium/Large
  • Pay what you use based on actual stored data
  • Maintenance, support, capacity upgrades are already taken care of