Multi-protocol storage access

Virtual Block Storage

Connect to the cloud with Block protocols

Maximum efficiency and seamless integration.
Ready to use tools to connect with Cloud Storage and no impact to your connection.

Connect to the storage via SMB or NFS

  • Mount object storage buckets as SMB/CIFS or NFS physical drives
  • Stateless application that translate on the go SMB and NFS commands to RESTful APIs allowing bidirectional communications between local devices and the cloud object storage
  • Direct transfer, no cache - eliminates potential data loss problems – and one to one mapping of files-to-objects Once stored, data can be accessed via any protocol (S3 APIs or any other) – no vendor lock in
  • Available as a ready-to-deploy virtual machine or a local client
  • Seamless integration with third party tools such as Veeam® through block protocols
  • High data durability, no maintenance
  • No transfer or recovery costs
  • Included in the storage price
  • NFS protocol

How it works

Compatible with third party clients

Platform Independent Backup Gateway

  • Cynny Space Platform Independent Backup Gateway is a pre-configured virtual machine to backup multiple platforms from a single interface
  • Ready-to-deploy Linux virtual machine (no set-up required)
  • Highly customizable backup scheduler interface and unlimited jobs
  • Rsync-based backup software
  • Mount to the Gateway any network shares via protocols such as NFS, SMB, FTP or any Linux protocol
  • Centralized schedule backup interface
  • Once stored, data can be accessed via any protocol (S3 APIs or any other) – no vendor lock in
  • Full recovery flexibility via command line tool Learn more
  • High data durability, no maintenance
  • Encryption end-to-end
  • No transfer, recovery or extra licensing fees
  • Versioning

How it works